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We Obsess about Partnership + Distribution + Technology + Knowledge + Our Network

Partnership = Our Clients that give us the opportunity to best distribute their properties 

Distribution = Our Partners that help us sell our Clients properties 

Technology = Technology is still made by People that enables speed of process and that systems drive revenue. 

Knowledge = People are at our core. With them we are everything. 

Network = Collaborating with industry buying & selling. 

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Perfections Online - Values

We want to Honour Great Lodges, Guest Houses, Apartments, Hotels & Destinations.

We want to Honour Great Travel Opportunities & Tourism partners.

We want to Honour People with a Passion for using Tourism to change the World we live in. 

Think Tourism Differently

Make a Difference with Tourism 

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Ross spent 15 years in the online distribution world with Expedia Group, his main role in acquisition and account management of the accommodation business. Most recently Ross spent 6 months consulting as Chief Commercial Officer for Nightsbridge, an accommodation channel manager and property management system for over 10 000 properties, as well as one year as Group Sales & Marketing for Legacy Hotels.  Previously Ross spent several years in the hotel and tour operator industry in Europe and APAC. He has extensive experience negotiating distribution deals and considerable expertise in the Africa tourism sector, online travel retail, merchandising, SEO, SEM, Mobile & Social Media.  Ross was also a Board Member of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) 2010 – 2018 & President of African Travel Association 2015 – 2017.




Ryan Ashton is the Managing Director and founder of Perfections of Africa, an multi award winning representation company. Perfections has been in operation for over 15 year with offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom.  Ryan has been in the industry for over 25 years and worked in many sectors ranging from, conservation, environmental education, research, game capture, game farm management, field guide & field guide trainer, tour guide, river guide, lodge manager, operations manager and reservations and marketing manager. It is his years of experience that has given him a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry which he now implements when working with products to assist them in achieving long term sustainable success.

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